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Pronounced 'Ploo-Shee'

  1. Plant-based sushi. Sushi created entirely from plants

  2. Planet-first sushi. Sushi produced and packaged in a way that prioritises our planet, more specifically our ocean ecosystem


Plushi is an online, zero waste, vegan sushi experiment born in Cape Town, South Africa 

Through experimentation with vegan and asian cuisine, our aim is to uncover the very best plant based sushi whilst minimising all impact on our planet

We release one new mystery roll every new season containing an ingredient or combination of flavours that have not yet been explored

Plushi stems from a love for sushi, culinary experimentation and sustainability




We’ve created a plant-based sushi alternative to help rebalance our fish populations and fight climate change by strengthening our ocean ecosystem


Every piece of plastic ever created still exists today... and large portion of which already exists in, or has a high chance of eventually ending up in, our ocean - where it will break down into micro-plastics and remain forever polluting the eco-system

We use a lot of PLA in our packaging which is a moisture proof lining made entirely from plant based materials. We acknowledge this invention has its downfalls, most notably the inability to recycle and its tendency to spoil entire batches of recycling due to being mistaken for other plastic coated paper materials

As a company we base our packaging decision off what will happen if our packaging ever ends up in the ocean. With paper packaging coated in PLA we know it will eventually biodegrade and leave no trace. 


We are zero-waste meaning we do not contribute to landfills. We recycle recyclables, compost food waste and eco-brick our non-recyclables


The Plushi HQ can be found at 196 Victoria Road, Woodstock, Cape Town - a creative hub and event venue situated inside a historic tudor-style hotel built in the 1860’s

The building features a magnificent art gallery, listening room, courtyard and movement studio. It is also home to a wide range of creative studios belonging to individual artists, designers and local businesses


We are an online (self service) restaurant that services the entire of 196 Victoria through the use of online QR code ordering

When you open the ordering platform you will be asked where in 196 Victoria you are sitting and we will bring your food and drinks out to you when they are ready

Please note: The building is beautiful and you are always invited to come hang out and enjoy its amazing architecture and peaceful nature but know that there will be no waiters and it is a big building that usually feels quiet when there are no events being hosted

Its a great place to sit and work for the day or grab a quiet lunch, but if you coming for a "vibe" - we usually advise to plan your visits to 196 Victoria on days that events are being held

Events that take place at 196 include exhibition openings, vinyl listening sessions, conscious dances and more. Follow 196 Victoria on Instagram to find out about upcoming events and come join in the fun.

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196 Victoria Road

Woodstock, Cape Town, 7925

Tuesday-Saturday: 12:00-20:00


Tel: +27 72 488 0578

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